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Antony J. Cousins

Observe. Write. Entertain.

 I'm a little bit Irish, a little bit Italian and a little bit American... but I'm also a distinctly British Londoner. 

I've spent over thirteen years honing my skills as a writer. I've written for Prime Ministers, secretaries of state, military chiefs and generals and now, I'm writing for the big screen.

I believe in writing what you know. My experience of the Middle East including operating alongside the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing political advice during the Arab Awakening and my years of hard work in the depths of the Whitehall machine make me an expert in writing about conflict, conspiracy, international politics and the impact of war.​ I'm also a sci-fi nut.

​In addition to life, I've also been educated by:

The London Film School​


Syd Field

​You can see my scripts on the 'Scripts' page. I'm also available for script reading and doctoring. My IMDB page is here: Antony J. Cousins

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